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Kate Schopmeyer, PT, DPT, CPE

“I believe that my most meaningful contribution to patient care is imparting hope in people who may think there is no reason to expect it…”

GPS San Francisco, CA

Typical Day “Each day is different from the last, but all have a combination of direct patient care, program development, and collaborating with my colleagues.”

Persona “My lifestyle preference is to remain constantly in motion, with occasional binge watching of a TV show to counterbalance the hectic weeks, and carving time out to read for leisure each week.”

Social Media Habits “I most use Facebook, followed by Instagram. Most of my fb friends and I are connected because we share professional interests, primarily that of improving treatment approaches for and reducing stigmas toward persistent pain. Instagram is a source of creative inspiration and a means of seeing what those in my personal life are up to. I don’t tweet. I may never tweet.”

Contribution “Contrary to most attitudes I encounter (‘You work in chronic pain? That must be so difficult and depressing….’), I am fascinated by neuroplasticity and the science of pain, which means I have genuine enthusiasm for my work. Because my passion is palpable, I believe that my most meaningful contribution to patient care is imparting hope in people who may think there is no reason to expect it; I am big on giving permission to laugh and laugh often, despite living with pain.”

People “Edmund Burke has been quoted saying, ‘All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.’ In the global social climate of 2017, I admire those who take a stand against hate, suppression, and nationalism, despite potentially significant consequences for speaking up. Malala Yousafzai is one example. Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, and Bernie Sanders in the political arena; Samantha Bee and Steven Colbert in the entertainment sector.”

Words “Everyone should spend time reading novels--any novel, from any period, about any subject matter. Regular reading of fiction also provides a playground for the imagination, which can strengthen problem-solving abilities and creative thinking. I would take a good book over a good movie any day of the week.” Popcorn “Watching E.T. when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade must have had a strong influence. After having watched that film, I recall internally processing the notion of welcoming ‘otherness’ and overcoming fear of the unknown. I think E.T. was the first film to have sparked my affinity towards science fiction, which has been one of my favorite film genres for some time.”

PAINWeek “In addition to the fabulous artwork and jazzy framework that hugs the corridors and session halls during the conference, PAINWeek offers the chance to meet and get to know other professionals from different disciplines who are all interested in improving healthcare for people with one of the most difficult conditions to treat. The interdisciplinary nature of this conference is unique, and invaluable. Dr. Sean Mackey is famous in my mind for saying, ‘treating chronic pain is a team sport.’ If we never have the chance to engage in meaningful discourse (particularly the kind that challenges our own beliefs) with our team mates out there, we are not likely to win many games.”