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Abigail T. Brooks, PharmD, BCPS

When a former patient sees me in the hallway and expresses thanks for the care that I provided…that is truly the best reward.

GPS Nashville, TN

Typical Day “My typical work day is spent seeing patients to optimize their pain medication regimen as part of a multidisciplinary chronic pain clinic. I also educate patients and their family members, reinforcing positive approaches to manage chronic pain. When not seeing patients, I am completing chart review consults and teaching pharmacy residents and students.”

Persona “I’ve had several positive role models and mentors in the chronic pain pharmacy world who have taken me under their wing. With their guidance and knowledge, I have become the practitioner that I am today. With their encouragement I feel poised and ready to step up to the plate when it’s my turn.”

Social Media Habits “Facebook allows me to connect with other professionals and keep up with pharmacy and chronic pain news. I enjoy Instagram and Snapchat for more personal connections. I also check updates from PAINWeek and a pharmacy organization that I am a member of.”

Contribution “When a former patient sees me in the hallway and expresses thanks for the care that I provided… that is truly the best reward. I have even had a patient come back to me several months later and thank me for my help in getting him off of opioids—which he was not in agreement with at the time. He said that off of opioids, he still had chronic pain but was able to think more clearly and felt better overall.”

People “Honestly, I am obsessed with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. To me, she emulates such poise, grace, and dignity—qualities I strive to represent. Now that I am also a mom, I enjoy seeing her interact with her children.”

Words “While I don’t have much time for reading—between caring for a baby and keeping up with the pain literature—I think it is important to always have something interesting to read, for pleasure and to develop my understanding of the world around me.”

Popcorn “I am a big believer that the book is always better than the film, so I gravitate towards reading the book first. I can’t say that any film has changed my life, but I do watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas with my Dad, and I always cry when George Bailey’s friends come to his rescue. After all, it’s not about our material wealth or possessions, but the friends and family we love and cherish and how we help them when given the opportunity.”

PAINWeek “I first came to PAINWeek after winning an essay contest...and let’s just say the rest is history! I have met so many inspiring pain providers and have had the privilege to lecture for the last 3 years. Dare I say, I look forward to the conference each year because of all the learning opportunities but also because I have fun the entire time. We know that chronic pain can be a tough field to work in and I always leave PAINWeek feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready to conquer another year as a pain practitioner.”