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Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

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2018 Program Guide

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Optional Workshops

Workshops are in addition to our regular conference sessions at an additional fee and can only be added in addition to current registrations, not attended as single courses.

Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Kissing Cousins or Good Cop/Bad Cop?

Registration for this workshop is closed as it has reached capacity.
Tuesday, 9/4
9:30a – 12:30p
This fast paced, case based course will take learners on a journey exploring the scientific evidence that supports or refutes the use of cannabinoids, including clinical pharmacology, acute and chronic adverse effects, and the appropriate use of FDA-approved and other cannabinoids. Also to be explored: the interrelationship between cannabis and opioids, the management of long-term consequences of cannabis use, and how practitioners can use our growing evidence base to recommend cannabis products in states where cannabis is approved for medical use. Participants will leave this session with a commonsense approach to this complicated topic—complications being both therapeutic and regulatory!

Patient Centered Opioid Reduction

Fee - $165
Tuesday, 9/4
1:40p – 4:40p
Come learn strategies to enhance your partnership with patients as a pathway to reduce their opioid health risks. This workshop will introduce critical behavioral and medical aspects of an evidence based patient centered approach to voluntary opioid reduction, including transforming the messaging in the clinic environment, using the right approach and language, partnering with patients, setting them up for success with a tapering schedule, and helping patients feel and be in control. Both provider-level and clinic-level strategies will be discussed. This course will be led by faculty who received national funding to implement a patient centered voluntary opioid reduction clinical program. To encourage active participation in behavioral pain management, several tip sheets will be provided, and an audience Q&A is sure to enlighten.

Working With Old Molecules: Lipstick on the Pig...or Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Fee - $165
Wednesday, 9/5
9:30a – 12:30p
Practitioners today are fairly comfortable dealing with traditional opioids such as morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and fentanyl. But what about buprenorphine and methadone? This case based session will provide attending practitioners with hard and fast skills that can be implemented immediately upon return to work! Contemporary issues with monitoring and dosing methadone will be addressed, including risk stratification for candidate selection, the implication of drug interactions, and the nuances of monitoring. Buprenorphine's intriguing pharmacology will be covered, along with dosing guidance for chronic pain. Importantly, participants will learn how to treat acute pain in a patient receiving methadone or buprenorphine as part of an opioid agonist recovery program.

Palliative Care Bootcamp: You're in the Army Now!

Fee - $195
Saturday, 9/8
Part 1 - 9:30a – 12:30p
Part 2 - 1:40p – 4:40p
Soldier up! This 2-part all-day program is jam packed with clinical pearls to manage pain and nonpain symptoms associated with advanced illness. Taught by leading experts, you will learn how to conduct a thorough assessment of pain in a verbal and nonverbal patient (with plenty of practice!) and how to use this information to determine the most likely pathogenesis of pain, which drives drug-therapy decision making. Considerable time will be spent exploring difficult-to-control syndromes, including painful wound care and complicated neuropathic/multipathology pain. The use of ketamine, methadone, and lidocaine will be addressed. Importantly, tips and tricks to develop and support informal caregivers in the medication management process will be explored as well.