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Abuse deterrent formulations: different manners of preventing someone from transgressing to the inhalation or snorting of medications, or intravenous use.

  • Aversion: if someone attempts to abuse the product it would not feel good. For instance, if the product is crushed and snorted, the nose is...

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While abuse deterrent formulations purportedly meet the FDA demand for safer opioid medications, their expense has been rarely supported by third party payors. Dr. Schatman reviews the reimbursement picture, the evidence for their effectiveness, and how prescribers can best respond.

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Dr. Webster and I wrote an article in 2015 about an insurance company’s reluctance to pay for abuse-deterrent formulations of opioids. We continue to opine that insurers would rather see patients with chronic pain, who were expensive to maintain, overdose and die rather than have to pay for...

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