Feb 21, 2017 | chronic pain

Chronic Pain Prevention

The Institute of Medicine stated in 2011 that one of the health professional's primary roles for chronic pain should be guiding, coaching, and assisting patients with day-to-day self-management of their pain condition and, along with National Institutes of Health, have established research involving self-management as one of the highest priority topics. A transformative care model integrates self-management training with evidence based treatments. The use of web based cognitive behavioral patient training programs with a telehealth coach therapist is an innovative strategy to improve the long-term outcomes of pain care. This approach can help patients make necessary changes in their life to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors while making the implementation affordable, rapidly deployed, scalable, and transferable to all settings and conditions. This presentation will provide the rationale, implementation, and outcomes associated with employing transformative care for chronic pain. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2016)

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