Aug 27, 2019 | neuropathic pain

The Treatment of Neuropathies and Neuropathic Pain

Clinical Applications of Electronic Signal Treatment and the Combined Electrochemical Treatment: A New Method

Combined electrochemical treatment (CET) uses local anesthetics and with electronic signal treatment (EST) to mitigate/eliminate pain, allodynia, numbness, and other symptoms of neuropathic and chronic pain. Its physiological actions are understood using the principles of physics, not pharmacology. CET treats all causes of peripheral neuropathy and patients experience reduction of pain, dysesthesias, allodynia, numbness; an increase in strength; improvement in motor function, balance, and improved QoL. EST provides an alternative to steroids due to profound anti-inflammatory effects with evidence showing boosting of immune function. Central pain can be treated utilizing CET and EST. A case report of phantom limb pain illustrates the potential for sophisticated multiplexed electric energy signaling to treat central pain. Sports medicine care includes application of physical modalities to treat acute injuries so patients can remain active and competitive. This course will examine how EST provides risk free and cost effective treatments for the aches and pains of life by reducing muscle spasm, blocking pain, and allowing function to be restored more quickly than with many existing modalities. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2018)