Jun 06, 2019 | primary care

Multimodel Engagement & Improving Access to Care

The Emperor's New Clothes

In the Emperor’s tale, 2 weavers promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that, they say, is invisible to those who are incompetent or unfit for their positions. When the emperor parades before his subjects nude, no one dares to say anything for fear that they will be seen as such. This is a similar sentiment many providers have towards our current healthcare system. The causes of chronic pain are many, and the remedies are complicated and oftentimes not available. Providers may also fail to explore other modalities because “access” is a barrier to care. This topic area of access to care focuses on 3 components: insurance coverage, health services, and timeliness of care. These are going to require outside-the-box solutions by medical systems, including using shared medical appointments, telehealth, investing in and expanding the workforce, and reducing administrative burden. However, there are things providers can do in their practice to address these access issues, including keeping track, being proactive, and prioritizing less invasive/intense treatments over the most invasive/intense treatments. This presentation will help practitioners figure out which resources are available to help their patients address chronic pain. Providers also need to reach out to specialists personally, so communication skills are key to ensure the best possible outcome. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2018)