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Increasing Awareness of Palliative Care for Those With Dementia

Understanding Benefits

Dementia is the leading cause of death in England. 90% of those polled for their opinion and knowledge in a recent survey did not know that fact. Other findings from over 2000 people include:

  • Only 42% knew that dementia is a terminal condition
  • Only 51% understood that palliative care can benefit those with dementia

Palliative care is patient centered and includes physical, spiritual, and psychosocial aspects. It can help people with dementia, along with their families, and improving the overburdened healthcare system. It was noted that those having palliative care…

  • Had better managed pain and agitation, which are common at end of life
  • Had fewer unplanned hospital admissions towards end of life
  • Visited the ED less often
  • Made informed decisions, with the help of their family, about healthcare

By 2040, the projected number of people dying with dementia in England and Wales is expected to double. By ensuring that people know what palliative care offers, patients, families, and the healthcare system can benefits.


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Holly Caster