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eHealth Attitudes: HCP Interviews

Integrating Digital Pain Self-Management Interventions

An article published in BMC Health Services Research reveals the opinions of healthcare providers about digital interventions for patients. A dozen HCPs were interviewed about their experiences with chronic pain patients and digital self-management. Are their patients using eHealth services? Are they themselves motivated to include digital interventions as part of a comprehensive management plan? How can these interventions be improved?

Interestingly, the study showed that, although practitioners felt eHealth solutions had benefits, few recommended them to patients. The study "offers insights into health care providers’ considerations for the potential of digital self-management interventions supporting patients living with chronic pain. Findings indicate the need for change and a more comprehensive treatment approach to pain management. eHealth solutions may contribute to such change, and providers pointed to a need for health care provider involvement, timely support and follow-up as important factors for integrating digital pain self-management interventions into clinical care."


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