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Is greater pain reduction found with a closed-loop spinal cord stimulator (SCS) vs fixed-output, open-loop SCS system? Worldwise, 7.5% of people have low back pain, some including leg pain. JAMA Neurology reports findings from a study of participants with chronic, intractable back and leg pain for...

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Neuromodulation has become an important alternative treatment option in refractory chronic neuropathic pain syndromes. The field of neuromodulation has advanced over the years. Now you can give patients:

  • Multiple frequencies up to 10,000 hertz
  • Different kinds of patterns of stimulations, like...

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Since the Roman Empire, electricity has been used in the field of medicine for treating pain. In the era of modern medicine, the field of neuromodulation has entered its renaissance with the introduction of novel wave forms such as HF10, burst closed loop, and noninvasive vagal nerve stimulation...

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