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PAINWeek 2015

Preview Edition
Thursday - Top 10 Reasons to Stay in the Pain Management Game
Friday - E-Prescribing to Combat Misuse and Diversion
Saturday - Education Key When Considering Prescribing Medical Marijuana

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PAINWeek 2014

Thursday - 'The Sound and the Fury': Patients in Pain Need Compassion, Not Regulations
Friday - Patients’ and Providers’ Misconceptions about Opioids Can Hinder Pain Management
Saturday - Quantifying Catastrophizing About Pain Can Lead to More Effective Patient Management
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PAINWeek 2013

Thursday - Opioid Refugees: Patients Adrift in Search of Pain Relief
Friday - Ensuring Safe Use of ER/LA Opioid Therapy
Saturday - If 13 Clinicians Can’t Agree on Your Diagnosis—You’ve Got a Problem!

PAINWeek 2012

Thursday - Addressing Detection and Prevention of Drug Diversion in the Institutional Setting
Friday - False Arguments and False Hope: An Iconoclastic Take on the Battle over Prescription Opioids
Saturday - Reviving the Concept of the Integrated Pain Clinic Means Demonstrating Verifiable Efficiency

PAINWeek 2011

Thursday - Educating Providers and Patients: Challenges and Strategies
Friday - Educating Practitioners about Pain: It’s More than Just Synapses
Saturday - Is the FDA’s REMS Plan Doomed to Fail?

PAINWeek 2010

Thursday - Could You Spot a Doctor Shopper or Drug Diverter?
Friday - Light Bulb Moments and Other Keys to Identifying a Complex Disease
Saturday - Understanding the Rules of Opioid Prescribing

PAINWeek 2009

Thursday - The Hidden Costs of the War on Drugs
Friday - Health Reform's Prognosis and Complications
Saturday - Court is Now in Session


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