Volume 6, Issue 4

November 8, 2014

In This Issue:

News in Pain Management

  • Chronic Back Pain: Another Reason Not to Smoke?
  • New Wireless Device May Advance Chronic Pain Research
  • Pain Intensity as a Predictor of Cancer Outcome
  • New Online Resource for Patients With Migraine
  • New Resources Made Available to Prescribing Clinicians
  • What’s Next for REMOXY®?
  • What Happens Wen you Scratch the Itch?
  • Closing the Gaps in Cancer Pain Management
  • Defective Nerve Fiber "Insulation" May Trigger Migraine
  • Deciphering the Mystery of Referred Pain

PAINWeek Education Snapshot

  • Expert Opinion: Quantitative Sensory Testing
    -Featured faculty member Roger Fillingim, PhD

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