Volume 6, Issue 18

June 6, 2015

In This Issue:

News in Pain Management

  • Emergency Rooms: The New Front in the Medication Abuse Wars
  • Migraine Surgery for Adolescents
  • Controlling Diabetes Pain: A Nutritional, Vegan Approach
  • The Pain Anxiety Connection: New Treatment Options
  • Billing Code Quadrupled! Smoothing the Transition to ICD-10
  • Will People in Pain Be Able to Get the Meds They Need? Balancing Opioid Safety and Availability
  • Rheumatoid Athritis + Engaged Patients = Lower Costs, Fewer Invasive Treatments, and Less Drugs Wasted
  • Crack Open the Books: Comprehensive Opioid Education Program Debuts in Massachusetts
  • Newborns: Minimizing Victims of Opioid Abuse

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