Therapy Found to Regenerate Corneal Subbasal Nerves

A poster presented last week  at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting reported that patients with chronic pain from corneal neuropathy showed significant improvement with the use of 20% autologous serum tears. The authors stated that autologous serum tears are rich in neurotrophic factors and, therefore, may help regenerate nerves and recover functional tears.

The patients receiving treatment in the study displayed significantly decreased density and altered morphology of the subbasal nerve plexus at baseline compared with controls. The nerve injury results in hyperexcitability of nociceptors that  is responsible for irregular and spontaneous discharges.  After treatment, the total nerve number and density improved, as did the main nerve number and density and nerve branch number and density. This correlated with a reported improvement in corneal pain severity. A news report on the findings may be read here.


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