Study Suggests Importance of Integrated Treatment of Insomnia and Back Pain

A new study conducted by the University of Haifa concludes that insomnia is a marker for increased risk of back pain—the risk factor increasing by 150%! Among women, the correlation between insomnia and back pain was even higher. Insomnia is known to increase sensitivity to pain and those suffering from it are liable to experience spontaneous pain more often and with more intensity compared to others. However this study is the first to show a direct connection between insomnia and back pain.

The robustness of the study findings are supported by the size of the subject population (over 2,000), its heterogeneity, the fact that those with health problems were weeded out and not included in the final results, and the lengthy period over which the study was conducted. Researchers speculate that the link between the 2 conditions stems from a yet-to-be-identified third biological factor, one possible candidate being stress level.

Read a news story about the study here.



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