Study of Life Impact Prompts Development of New Screening Tools

A new study, published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Quality of Life Research, examined the history of patients with diverticulitis and confirmed that many suffer psychological and physical symptoms long after their acute illness has passed. These sufferers can develop a chronic condition that mimics irritable bowel syndrome.

An earlier study conducted by the same UCLA team found that people suffering from diverticulitis have a four-fold higher risk of developing IBS after their illness, a condition called post-diverticulitis irritable bowel syndrome. This research sought to document some the chronic physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms that can profoundly change patients’ lives after an attack of diverticulitis. These insights were used to develop a questionnaire to help clinicians better assess the long-term impact of diverticulitis, which ultimately could lead to better understanding and management of the disease. Read a news story about the research here.


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