Study Examines How Clinicians Are Using PDMP Tools

New research reported in The Journal of Pain seeks to shed light on the characteristics of clinicians who use prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). Results from a statewide survey of Oregon practitioners showed that registered users of the state’s PDMP were more frequent prescribers of controlled substances than nonusers. Clinicians practicing in emergency medicine, primary care, and addiction specialties were the largest number of PDMP registrants.

The authors compared the demographic and clinical characteristics of high and low users and nonusers of PDMPs. In addition, the survey identified when clinicians access PDMPs and actions they take as the result of this access. Most physicians (95%) accessed the PDMP when they suspected patient abuse or diversion. 54% reported making mental health or substance abuse referrals and 36% said they sometimes discharge patients from their practices as a result of PDMP use.

Read more about the study findings here.



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