September Declared Pain Awareness Month in Michigan

Chronic pain affects about 4 million residents of Michigan, and Governor Rick Snyder wants to raise awareness of the issues and problems. The Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Bureau of Health Care Services has a pain management website featuring options for treatment, recommendations, resources, and other helpful information.

With information for both providers and patients, the pain management website hopes to improve the lives of those suffering. Also posted on this LARA website is a  Model Pain Curriculum, developed by a committee of multidisciplinary health professionals to educate students, and a Pain Toolkit. Lara’s Deputy Director Shelly Edgerton states, “Our goal is to provide comprehensive educational resources for health care professionals and the public to help improve pain and symptom management, improving our citizens’ overall quality of life.” As pain awareness continues to increase, more states will likely follow suit.

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