Second Study Confirming Efficacy of Theramine

Back pain eventually troubles us all—statistics say up to 90% of people will have back pain in their lives. A common treatment is the NSAID, with ibuprofen being the most prescribed. A study reported in last month’s American Journal of Therapeutics shows the effectiveness of theramine—a physician prescribed ‘medical food’ that contains a blend of amino acids. The theramine compared favorably to NSAID or ibuprofen treatment.

This 2014 study was the second examining theramine; the first was published 2 years ago, also in American Journal of Therapeutics, which compared the medical food to naproxen. The theramine reduces inflammation and pain without the side effects common in other treatments. “It's believed that patients with chronic pain have decreased levels of neurotransmitters responsible for pain inhibition and control of inflammation,” the authors of the study note. “There's evidence in plasma of a deficiency of amino acid precursors that are important to chronic pain modulation,”

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