Prominent Drug Diversion Expert Discusses Recent Launch

In an article published Monday in Pharmacy Times, Commander John Burke, President, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, details his experience as a member of the External Safe Use Board convened by manufacturer Zogenix Pharmaceuticals to review and refine programs for the introduction of this new single entity CII hydrocodone product. Commander Burke, who additionally has participated as a member of the PAINWeek faculty for several years, offers the bottom-line conclusion that robust measures are in place to minimize the potential for abuse of Zohydro ER.

In his column, Commander Burke offers the view that the ultimate goal of law enforcement and regulators in this arena should be to facilitate access to medications by legitimate pain patients. He observes “Combating diversion and abuse is a move in favor of patients in severe pain, and that also means keeping a drug like Zohydro ER in check as much as is humanly possible. Will Zohydro ER be abused? Of course, but I came away from this valuable meeting strongly feeling that the company is dedicated to responsible prescribing of Zohydro ER.” Reinforcing this conviction, he reports, is the fact that sales force salaries for at least the first year will be based on dissemination of educational materials to prescribers, dispensers and patients, not sales of the drug. Read Commander Burke’s article here.


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