Prescribing Opioids: Initiative Includes New Guidelines for Clinicians

Last week, the Massachusetts Medical Society announced that it is launching a comprehensive campaign to educate physicians and patients about safe prescribing and the storage and disposal of prescription pain medications. The campaign will be comprised of 3 elements: 1) guidelines for prescribers to help them make the right decisions for their patients; 2) free educational resources for prescribers to help inform their judgments; 3) information on the critical aspects of storage and disposal of prescription drugs for patients and families. The organization spokesperson emphasized that the new guidelines are not designed to micromanage, but to improve patient care and lessen the risks associated with opioid prescribing.

The Massachusetts Medical Society, with more than 24,000 physicians and student members, is dedicated to educating and advocating for the patients and physicians of Massachusetts. In announcing this patient/prescriber educational initiative, the Society referenced the current public health crisis of opioid abuse, misuse, and diversion, and cited a recent poll by the Harvard School of Public Health that discovered that nearly 4 in 10 Massachusetts residents personally know someone who has abused prescription pain medications.

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