Possible New Era in Migraine Preventive Therapy, With 2 New Medications

The 66th annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology is currently convening in Philadelphia. Among the topics to be discussed are 2 studies of medications attempting to stop migraines before they happen, instead of attacking them after they’ve begun. Before the meds, study participants had migraines 4 to 14 days a month. On one medication, participants had 5.6 fewer migraines per month (a decrease of 66%); on the other, 4.2 fewer migraines per month (63% decrease).

Participants given a placebo in both studies also saw migraine reduction. However, 16% of one study group had no migraine days at 12 weeks, but none of the placebo group were migraine-free. Larger studies are needed to combat migraine, “the third most common and seventh most disabling medical disorder in the world.” Findings will be presented on May 1st at the annual meeting.

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