PAINWeek to Feature Opioid Safety Day

In response to increasing concern over misuse and abuse of prescription medications, and opioids in particular, PAINWeek 2013 will be designating Day 3 (Friday, September 6) of the 2013 conference as Opioid Safety Day. The day will feature multiple course offerings, symposia, and special sessions designed to provide the latest information on prescribing safety for opioids, as well as on the increasingly stringent and complex regulatory environment surrounding them. Commercially supported activities will also be offered to PAINWeek attendees. The objective is to better prepare frontline practitioners in the appropriate use of opioid analgesics as an element of multidisciplinary pain therapy.

The world of opioid prescribing is changing fast. Register today for PAINWeek 2013, and be fully briefed on this critical topic in pain management!


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