PAINWeek Education Snapshot: Urogenital and Pelvic Pain

“Urogenital pain affects at least 25% of reproductive age women. This includes interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, vulvodynia, and then also dyspareunia—a term for painful intercourse, which is also really common not just in postmenopausal women, but in premenopausal women as well. As a physiatrist, I am looking at rehabilitation strategies. For these women, we focus a lot on pelvic floor muscle treatment, and we have good evidence now that supports it in all these different conditions. So it almost doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is, the treatment will be quite similar for all these different subtypes. “

At PAINWeek, we have given special attention to the management of chronic pain in women. In addition to pain conditions that are specific to women, evidence suggests that women are at increased risk for many of the pain disorders that affect both sexes. In this segment from our “One Minute Clinician” series, Colleen Fitzgerald, MD, MS, offers guidance to the primary care clinician on managing urogenital and pelvic pain.

In September, PAINWeek 2015 will offer a course entitled Simplifying the Gender Specific Complexities of Female Chronic Pelvic Pain, as well as over 120 hours of continuing medical education in over 2 dozen course categories. If you’re a frontline practitioner with an interest pain management, plan to join us! PAINWeek 2015 convenes in Las Vegas, September 8-12, and special early-bird rates are available for both individuals and groups. Register today for PAINWeek--the National Conference on Pain for Frontline Practitioners!


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