PAINWeek Course Preview:PDMP’s—A Nail in Search of a Hammer

Dr. Foster discusses why you should attend his session, PDMPs—A Nail in Search of a Hammer, at PAINWeek 2015.

Give us a brief overview of your course at PAINWeek 2015?

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are now available in nearly the entire US. However, there is much variability in the data available, the accessibility of the data, and mandates regarding use of the data. This didactic course provides a review of the different types of PDMP services offered by the states, the current success in getting prescribers to use the PDMPs, and the next steps that will be needed in these programs to make them more successful in curbing controlled substance misuse and abuse.

Who should plan to attend?

This course will be valuable for any clinician involved in the writing, dispensing, or monitoring of patients receiving controlled substances (Physicians, PAs, Nurses, Pharmacists).

What will course participants learn that they can take back to their practices?

Participants will be prepared with information on how the different states manage their PDMP information, and how to formulate a plan to manage PDMP data in their practices.

What is the “essential pearl” that PAINWeek participants will miss, if they miss your course?

Actionable insight into how to manage a patient who has results from a PDMP that place them at high risk for fraud, abuse, or inappropriate treatment with controlled substances.

As you review the Schedule at a Glance and design your course agenda for PAINWeek 2015, plan to make Dr. Foster’s program a part of your PAINWeek experience! We look forward to your participation at PAINWeek: The National Conference on Pain for Frontline Practitioners!


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