PAINWeek Course Preview:Neuropathica Galactica—An Interactive Journey in Pain Management and Patient Education

Give us a brief overview of your course at PAINWeek 2015?

McPherson: Neuropathica Galactica is a "boots on the ground" practical overview for clinicians who want to learn more about assessing a complaint of pain, how to determine the likely pathogenesis of the pain, recommend appropriate interventions and monitor patient outcomes. This is a fast-paced, case-based program so expect to rolls up your sleeves and get to work!

Herndon: Our course takes the form of a hybrid workshop, involving quick overviews of the more complex pain syndromes facing the pain management generalist.  Attendees will have the opportunity to practice many of the skills learned during the session.

Who should plan to attend?

Herndon: Anyone who cares for patients with pain!

McPherson: New practitioners, those who want to brush up on their assessment, diagnostic and pain management skills, and those considering taking the CPE exam.

What will course participants learn that they can take back to their practices?

McPherson: How to perform a QUICK, accurate assessment of pain that drives drug-therapy decision making. How do develop an "on the go" educational plan designed to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Herndon: Participants will emerge with better preparation in symptom analysis, patient education, and complex pharmacotherapeutic regimen design.

What is the “essential pearl” that PAINWeek participants will miss, if they miss your course?

McPherson: How to discriminate between pharmacotherapeutic options, how to discriminately monitor drug therapies, and "cut to the chase" educational points for patients that make a difference in therapeutic outcomes!

Herndon: For anyone who hasn’t learned how to evaluate a complaint of pain from Dr. McPherson, now is the chance!

As you review the Conference Schedule and design your course agenda for PAINWeek 2015, consider joining in this thought provoking and dynamic workshop! (PREPEF-01 and 02) Remember, attendance is limited, and pre-registration is required.* We look forward to your participation at PAINWeek: The National Conference on Pain for Frontline Practitioners!

*Workshop fee is $150. Click here for instructions on how to add the workshop to your registration.


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