PAINWeek 2013 Session Spotlight: Gary Jay

GaryJayVeteran PAINWeek faculty member Gary W. Jay, MD, DAAPM, FAAPM, returns this year to participate in our all-new “clinical conundrums” series and with a new Master Class on fibromyalgia.

Clinical Conundrums: If 13 Clinicians Don’t Know what’s Wrong…You’ve Got a Problem!

Dr. Jay will present the case of a complex patient who saw 13 clinicians over a course of some 3 ½ years, including medical school department chairs, all of whom were unable to help her as she remained bed-ridden. “The issues are both complex and simple” said Dr. Jay. “This patient was at the extreme aspect of a bell shaped curve, and the issue that was NOT dealt with is something many clinicians may need to watch out for as we all see complicated patients.”

Master Class: Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (a central sensitivity syndrome) has an updated set of diagnostic criteria which are in some ways different from the way the disorder has been diagnosed since 1990. Dr. Jay will discuss this, as well as the concept of central hypersensitivity or sensitization vs central sensory abnormalities/amplification (centrally and descending), along with specific neuroanatomical correlates and specific CNS regions that appear to have a great deal to do with the disorder as shown via functional testing. Finally, a new hypothesis will be offered to explain and expand on the patho-etiology of the disorder, its various aspects and its diagnosis. Correlations between this diagnosis and other central sensitivity syndromes will be examined, and options for treatment will be detailed.

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