NYC and UCLA Study: Cancer Pain Alleviation With Cannabinoids But Without the High

A research team "developed a novel class of drugs, peripherally-restricted cannabinoids, that are free of central nervous system side effects, for treating chronic pain," said Igor Spigelman, PhD, professor in the Division of Oral Biology & Medicine, UCLA School of Dentistry. The 5 year, 2.5 million dollar grant from NIH/NCI will enable NYC/UCLA to study cannabis based drugs and their possible benefit to the 9 out of 10 cancer patients suffering from pain.

The study aims to examine peripherally-restricted cannabinoids and their effects on pain/symptoms of oral cancer; proliferation and apoptosis of human oral carcinoma cell lines; ability to prevent/suppress symptoms of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathies. In addition, researchers intend to explore gender differences in responsiveness to peripherally-restricted cannabinoids and chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathies.

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