New Survey Confirms Adverse Impacts on Patients with Chronic Pain

A survey conducted by the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association reports that the rescheduling of hydrocodone products from Schedule III to Schedule II, initiated in October 2014, has adversely impacted thousands of patients with chronic pain. The study results were presented by Steven Passik, PhD, at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Dr. Passik is VP, Clinical Research and Advocacy, at Millennium Health, which also participated in the study. He is also a senior faculty member and past keynote speaker at PAINWeek.

Over 3,000 patients with chronic pain submitted responses to an anonymous, blinded online survey exploring their experiences after the rescheduling of hydrocodone. Respondents reported a range of negative outcomes, including being denied prescriptions for hydrocodone products, pharmacies refusing to fill legitimate prescriptions, increased out-of-pocket expenses, lost work, and suicidal ideation caused by withdrawal symptoms and untreated pain. In commentary during PAINWeek 2014 last September, Dr. Passik predicted many of these unintended consequences of hydrocodone rescheduling.

Read a news story, with link to additional information from Millenium Health, here.


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