New Engineered Peptide Also Improves Metabolic Control

An article published last month in the journal Molecular Medicine details findings from a study reporting clinically significant pain reduction in patients with type 2 diabetes following administration of the peptide ARA 290. Investigators also observed improvements in metabolic control in patients who received the agent.

The exploratory study was conducted by Araim Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company developing novel treatments for chronic diseases. ARA 290 is a peptide engineered to activate the innate repair receptor, a receptor discovered by Araim scientists, which is only expressed following tissue damage or stress. Neuropathic pain is a common condition among patients with diabetes. When ARA 290 is administered, the repair receptor is activated and subsequently turns off inflammation and turns on the body's natural repair system. The short half-life of ARA 290, coupled with the restricted expression of the innate repair receptor, functions as a dual safety system to avoid potential side effects. Read more about the study findings here. The text of the published article (marked as an uncorrected proof) may be read here.


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