Neuropathica Galactica

neuropathica.galacticaNeuropathica Galactica is a full-day interactive workshop that will equip participants to:

  • Assess patient complaint of pain including all eight elements of symptom analysis
  • Perform physical assessment and recommend appropriate diagnostic studies to determine most likely pathogenesis of the complaint
  • Recommend non-pharmacologic interventions and rational pharmacotherapy regimens designed to meet patient-specific goals
  • Construct a monitoring strategy that includes subjective and objective monitoring parameters for therapeutic effectiveness and potential toxicity
  • Design a therapeutic and educational plan, including a description of selected educational strategies upon reviewing a case example of a patient complaining of chronic pain

Participation is limited to 60 participants to guarantee a high degree of active learning and interaction. Additional registration fee will apply. Click here to register for PAINWeek and add the Neuropathica Galactica workshop!


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