Misdiagnosed Pediatric Hip Condition Could Result in Early Onset Arthritis

A common and treatable condition seen in teens and young adults is frequently misdiagnosed as muscle pull, an error that can result in early onset arthritis if not correctly addressed. Hip impingement can cause severe pain and occurs when either the socket or ball of the hip joint is not round, preventing smooth movement within the joint. In most cases, this abnormal joint movement will lead to a tear of the hip labrum, a rim of cartilage that helps keeps the ball of the joint in the socket. The condition can be treated with arthroscopic surgery that will improve function and relieve pain in 90% of cases.

If misdiagnosed and untreated, however, hip impingement can lead to additional hip concerns in later life. Joshua Harris, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Houston Methodist, observed “More than 600,000 hip replacements are performed each year due to hip arthritis, with between 70% and 90% of hip arthritis cases stemming from untreated hip impingement.” He further states that additional studies are needed to confirm the role that prompt treatment of hip impingement can play in reducing the incidence of early onset arthritis.

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