Investigating the Clinical Effectiveness of Spinal Manipulation Therapy

A new study published in The Journal of Pain reports that spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) can help lessen central pain sensitivity in the lower back. The authors noted that their findings reveal a mechanism of SMT that was unrelated to the expectation of receiving SMT, and it arose from the modulation of dorsal horn excitability and the lessening of central sensitization. A better understanding of the mechanism by which it works could enhance its clinical effectiveness.

The study results, conducted by researchers from the University of Florida, showed that the lessening of pain sensitivity comes more as result of the SMT and less so from any placebo effect caused by the expectation of receiving SMT. The study’s conclusion suggests there is potential for SMT to be a clinically beneficial way to lessen pain sensitivity.

A news story about the research may be read here.

The study abstract may be found here.


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