Volume 4, Issue 14

June 10, 2013

In This Issue:

News in Pain Management

  • Exercise for Fibromyalgia Pain: Don't Give Up!
  • Chronic Pain and Suicide Risk
  • New Warnings on Fungal Meningitis from Contaminated Epidurals
  • Comparing Vascular Risks for NSAIDs
  • Assessing Safety and Abuse Potential for Cannabis for Chronic Pain
  • Smartphone Apps for Pain Management—A Study of Efficacy
  • Group Coaching as a Component of Multidisciplinary Therapy

PAINWeek News

  • A Note on the PAINWeek Agenda
  • PAINWeek to Feature Opioid Safety Day
  • PAINWeek 2013 Schedule at a Glance Now Available!
  • PAINWeek: Join the Best and the Brightest!
  • The PAINWeek Scholarship Contest: Winner Announced Soon!
  • Coming Soon! The PAINWeek Journal!

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