Developing Companies Announce Advance in Ultrasound Technology

In a press release yesterday, ZetrOZ Inc. announced a partnership with BMEC to debut sam® (sustained acoustic medicine), described by the companies as the first multihour bioelectronic wearable device for pain management. The introduction will take place later this week at the medical expo Medica in Frankfurt, Germany.

The device represents a new category of ultrasound bioelectronics, according to the authors. Targeted to patients with arthritis and back pain, sam received FDA clearance earlier this year. The release cites additional developmental milestones including successful clinical trials supported by the National Institutes of Health, current testing by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, and positive results with elite Olympic athletes. The international launch at Medica will provide hospitals and medical device distributors the opportunity to demo and purchase sam as well as to meet with the biomedical scientist behind the technology.

The news release, with links to further information on the new technology, may be read here.


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