Chronic Limb Pain: 4-Year Study Now Recruiting Participants

Researchers at Northwestern Medicine have announced the upcoming launch of a new clinical trial to explore targeted muscle reinnervation as a method of treating chronic pain in amputees. The 4-year study is funded by a Department of Defense Office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research grant and will seek to enroll 200 individuals across multiple centers. Northwestern Memorial Hospital will be the lead site. Other participating sites include the Walter Reed National Military, University of Washington, San Antonio Military, and Harborview medical centers.

Targeted muscle reinnervation involves the transfer of a nerve that has been cut off from the muscle it once controlled to a different muscle nearby. The upcoming study’s principal investigator notes in a press release that “By giving an amputee’s damaged nerves a new purpose, we have seen [targeted muscle reinnervation] improve many lives.” This study will further test the validity of the procedure as a therapeutic option for limb pain.

Read a news story about the study here.

A link to further information about the study, including detail on participant recruiting, may be found here.


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