Assessing the Crowded Cancer Pain Therapeutic Landscape

An article appearing this month in the online journal OncLive provides a comprehensive survey of therapeutic options currently available for the management of pain from advanced cancer. Pain is the most commonly reported symptom in patients with advanced cancer, with a prevalence of 60% to 70%, and unrelieved pain is the most feared symptom in 70% to 80% of these patients. Despite advances in pain management and palliative care, intractable cancer pain remains a significant clinical, social, and financial burden in treating the oncologic population.

In advanced stages of cancer, tumors are often incurable and treatment is targeted to controlling pain symptoms and improving a patient’s quality of life. As patient survival with cancer improves, treating patients with cancer pain syndromes becomes more complex and difficult. This update, authored by Rajiv Shah, MD, and Amitabh Gulati, MD, reviews the causes of pain from cancer, discusses pharmacologic and interventional management options, and offers guidance on selection of appropriate therapeutic selection for better patient outcomes.

Read the journal article here.




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