ASRA Announces New Underwriting Support for its Chronic Pain Research Grant

The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA) has announced the receipt of $270,000 in pledged funding earmarked for the ASRA Chronic Pain Research Grant. The pledged amounts come from St. Jude Medical Foundation, with a three-year grant totaling $150,000, Medtronic, committing to  $100,000, with half being provided in 2015 and the balance in 2017, and Stryker,  providing a $20,000 grant. The Chronic Pain Research Grant supports studies in pain medicine that will guide clinical practice for physicians and improve patient health.

The Chronic Pain Research Grant is awarded biennially in odd-numbered years. ASRA describes itself as a leader in chronic pain education and research through its efforts to produce high-quality, outcomes-based research.  Of the latest underwriting support, organization president Oscar de Leon-Casasola, MD, commented “We are delighted to be the recipients of these three awards as they illustrate the projection and trust that ASRA has among industry involved in therapies for pain management. The ASRA Board will make sure that these monies are invested in projects that will have outcome implications for the many patients who suffer pain in the world.” A news story about the pledge initiative, with link to additional information about the Chronic Pain Research Grant, may be found here.


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