American Migraine Foundation Offers Guidance to Parents and Caregivers

The American Migraine Foundation has compiled and made available on their website a variety of information to assist parents in managing migraine headache in their children. Foundation Chair and past PAINWeek faculty member David Dodick, MD, FRCP (C), observes “There are many things that can be done if your child suffers from migraine, or if you suspect that he or she does.” He urged parents to access the Foundation website to read more about this important topic.

Tips and information available from the Foundation include differentiating between acute, preventative, preemptive, and complementary treatment, and on consulting with healthcare providers on selection of appropriate treatment approaches. Other topics include lifestyle change recommendations; the importance of proactive medication monitoring; stress management techniques; and keeping a migraine diary to track migraine attacks more closely. A news story, with link to the Foundation’s information on pediatric migraine, may be found here.


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