AAPM Announces Participation in Opioid Abuse Task Force and Return to PAINWeek for 3rd Consecutive Year

In a news release earlier this week, Daniel Carr, MD, MA, President-elect of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) commented on the organization’s announcement that it is joining a consortium of 27 physician groups in an initiative to combat the public health crisis of opioid abuse. Dr. Carr has been a faculty member and Keynote Speaker at the PAINWeek® National Conference on Pain in past years. The American Medical Association (AMA) Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse was convened to work on a long-term comprehensive approach to the problem of opioid abuse, misuse, and diversion in the US. In his statement, Dr. Carr stated, “AAPM was delighted to participate in AMA’s broad-based effort to augment existing resources through patient and provider education, and looks forward to supporting these ongoing efforts."

In a related announcement, the AAPM said it will return to the PAINWeek conference for the 3rd consecutive year to contribute its expertise in pain management to the agenda. On Wednesday, September 9, the AAPM will present a 4-hour version of Essential Tools for Treating the Patient in Pain™—which is designed for clinicians and all healthcare practitioners interested in obtaining an overview of the fundamentals of pain medicine in addition to identifying best practices and practical approaches to the treatment of common pain disorders.

For more information about AAPM and other courses at PAINWeek, click here.

Read more about the AMA initiative here.





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