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T-Cell Exhaustion Triggers Irritable Bowel Syndrome

New research conducted by a team in Australia reports that immune system exhaustion is associated with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D), a specific type of the disease. The study followed patients with various types of IBS, comparing blood work over...

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Loperamide: The Newest Drug of Abuse Instead of Opioid Narcotics?

Researchers from Texas A&M Irma Rangel College of Pharmacy have recently highlighted a new concern emanating from the public health crisis of opioid abuse: the substitution of large doses of...

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Stem Cells to the Rescue in Prevention of Osteoarthritis

Researchers from Beaumont Health System, Michigan, have been studying the mechanism of stem cell response to injury that may have clinical implications for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Working with rodent models, they report that injury to...

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Women who Catastrophize, More Likely to be Prescribed Opioids for Pain

Findings from a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, highlight the significance of pain catastrophizing as a predictor of opioid prescribing patterns

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A Vaccine that Blocks Psychoactive Sensations of Heroin in the Brain?

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have reported success in their latest trial on nonhuman primates of a vaccine that blocks the "high" from heroin, the first such opioid blocking substance to pass...

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Geriatric Pain: A Possible Predictor of Dementia, Memory Decline

New research from the University of California, San Francisco appears to link chronic pain in older adults to accelerated cognitive decline and dementia. In the longitudinal population based cohort study, a finding of pain in...

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Don't Rely on Corticosteroids for Osteoarthritis Pain Control

New research conducted by a team from Tufts University Medical Center casts doubt on the efficacy of long-term, multiple corticosteroid injection therapy for the management of pain from knee osteoarthritis. The study found that repeat...

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Addiction Medicine: Helping Patients with Substance Use Disorders

Senior PAINWeek faculty member Douglas Gourlay, MD, MSc, FRCPS, FASAM, has spoken often of the need for frontline practitioners with an interest in pain to become "talented amateurs" in addiction medicine. A new consensus document...

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Advice: Help Building Provider Confidence with Chronic Pain Patients

Results of a study published last week in the Journal of Pain Research provided confirming evidence that many providers lack confidence in their capacity to manage...

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Copaiba as an Essential Oil: Snake Oil Therapy for Arthritis Relief?

With more than 54 million Americans presently impacted by arthritis, sales of the essential oil Copaifera reticulate or copaiba are on the rise. Copaiba is a stimulant oleoresin with medicinal usage dating back to the 16th century. It is derived from...

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