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Apply for a scholarship to PAINWeek 2019

Click here to apply for a scholarship to PAINWeek 2019. 

PAINWeek will award 10 scholarships that cover the cost of registration, and one grand prize winner will receive 5 nights of hotel accommodations at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in addition to complimentary conference registration.

All essays must be received by midnight EST on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Scholarship winners* will be selected by PAINWeek and notified via email and/or phone no later than July 19, 2019. Winners must respond by July 31, 2019.

*Paid individuals who already registered for PAINWeek and subsequently designated as winners will have their full conference registration fees refunded. If you pre-paid for PAINWeek OnDemand, that fee is not included and will not be refunded should you win a scholarship.

The Moving Target

PAINWeek 2018 Scholarship Winning Essay

Working in the field of pain management has become nearly as complex as treating chronic pain itself.  As the concerns of opioid use increases to an all time high, clinicians now face an even greater challenge in treating patients with chronic pain.  What was once thought to be the holy grail in combating chronic pain is now viewed as an epidemic of disastrous proportions.  Though the views and opinions of clinicians, patients, researchers, and the public differ widely, one thing remains unchanged; treating patients with chronic pain continues to be a moving target.  What has become even more apparent over the years is that chronic pain patients benefit most from a holistic approach which encompasses various modes of care.  No one individual therapy has proven to be the sole answer in treating these complex patients.  Research has shown that a combination of therapies offers these patients the best outcomes.  It is my desire to continue expanding my knowledge on various therapeutic options available to these patients.  A scholarship to PAINWeek would assist me in gaining a better understanding of chronic pain patients and treatment options available to them.  Through the various courses presented by field leaders, I would be able to increase my knowledge on a variety of topics and expand my treatment approach.  This would prove to be invaluable to me personally, but also to the patients I treat as well.  In addition, I would also be able to share this information with colleagues, thus reaching a larger subset of the population.  As a busy health professional, it is often difficult to stay up to speed on the latest advances in healthcare.  All too often, clinicians become content in providing treatment options which they are aware and most comfortable with.  Combine this with the time constraints of staying abreast on new research, it is no wonder why it takes an extended duration of time to implement new strategies in the health care field.  For me, this access to information presents itself as the greatest barrier in expanding my knowledge of chronic pain and emerging treatment options.  I take time and effort to read journals, articles, and peer reviews, yet it is often difficult to digest what could be useful in implementing into practice.  Therefore, the opportunity to attend PAINWeek is especially appealing to me.  It allows one to be face to face with field experts and provides the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics.  It provides one the ability to dedicate a full week toward learning and understanding new strategies.  It allows one the ability to discuss with field professionals’ strategies which have proven to be useful for them.  Being granted a scholarship to PAINWeek would help combat these barriers.  As stated, it would provide me an allotted time to focus directly on learning and growing my knowledge in treating chronic pain patients.  It would allow me to expand on my ideals of holistic care and help improve treatment strategies for better outcomes.  In addition, I would share this knowledge with the various colleagues I have throughout all fields of medicine in order to help expand the benefit of my attendance. 

My decision to become a nurse practitioner stems from a desire to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.  One of the most unfortunate consequences of life is the development of chronic painful conditions which can impact one’s life both physically and emotionally.  Helping individuals cope with these ailments can be both fulfilling and challenging.  Through time, we have developed strategies that have both helped and harmed society.  Today, there is immense debate on the correct way to treat chronic pain and treatment strategies continue to evolve.  One thing is certain; it takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to attain the best outcomes for chronic pain patients.  Being granted a scholarship to PAINWeek would help continue my desire to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.  It would help expand my knowledge on chronic pain treatment strategies which I can implement in treatment as well as share with fellow health professionals.  As a health professional, I am committed to adhering to the ideals of being a “lifetime learner”.  I plan to continue building my skills and knowledge as I pursue becoming a field leader in pain management myself.  It is my desire to build to most comprehensive and holistic approach in treating chronic pain.  With the help of education obtained through a PAINWeek scholarship, I will build valuable tools in pursing this goal.   Thank you for your consideration and offering scholarship opportunities for PAINWeek.

Best regards,
Dwayne Taylor