Apr 22, 2024 | ketamine

Ketamine: From Nightclubs to Clinics, A New Era in Addiction Treatment

This panel discussion features experts in the field of addiction medicine: Hannah Cawoski, PharmD, Addiction Medicine Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at the Allegheny Health Network, Center for Inclusion Health; Nathan Menke, MD, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan Medical School; and Jillian DiClemente, PharmD, Pain Management Clinical Pharmacist Specialist at Michigan Medicine. Dive into the topic of ketamine as an analgesic and its evolving role in treating patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Discover why the once radical off-label use of ketamine is gaining recognition for its efficacy and how it can be optimally utilized for this patient population. Watch this expert opinion video now for real-world clinical insights!