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Treatments for Symptoms of Menopause

We’ve learned a lot about treatments for menopausal symptoms, meaning vaginal symptoms as well as nonvaginal or nongenital symptoms. In general, when someone thinks about therapies for menopausal symptoms most think of hormonal replacement therapy and that’s still true. However, there are also nonhormonal treatments for women who are not candidates for hormonal therapy, like for example breast cancer survivors.

  • There’s a class of antidepressants that work well to control menopausal symptoms and sleep disturbance
  • There’s a certain class of anti-epileptics that works well to control hot flashes
  • Now we are figuring out that there are some nonconventional, naturopathic methods to control mild symptoms
  • There are more treatment options than ever! Women shouldn’t stay untreated; that would be wrong and sad