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Preventing Physician Burnout

Burnout has increased at a disproportionate rate in US clinicians compared to the general working population. It is a significant issue that warrants further attention.

  • It is estimated that 39% of US physicians meet symptoms for depression.
  • The suicide rate among physicians is 2 times higher than the general population.
  • There are multiple contributing factors to burnout. As medical science has improved, as we’ve had advances in care, there has also been more pressure put on clinicians in terms of
    • Patient access
    • Patient satisfaction
    • The electronic medical record
  • At Stanford, we’ve created a wellness program for our residents:
    • If we can cultivate a sense of wellness early on in people’s training, then that can carry over into doctors’ careers. 
    • We recognize that not many people are fortunate enough to create something like this, nor have many clinicians had exposure to wellness programs.
  • I want to people to know that they can incorporate wellness into their lives and at least become more aware of the importance of improving their work-life balance.

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