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Cannabinoids: What We Don’t Know Can…

Interest in cannabinoids is at an all-time high. Does this interest impact the perceived opioid crisis? Do we know enough about CBD and THC to make decisions? What has Dr. Jay experienced?

We don’t know enough to be certain of anything:

  • I personally hesitate to utilize and tell patients, “Oh, you should definitely do this”
  • I’m not comfortable
  • I don’t know all the facts
  • I don’t think anybody does

What if your patient is using edibles for headache?

  • My answer is, “That’s your choice”
  • CBD edibles are perfectly fine
  • In North Carolina, you can’t get recreational or medical marijuana; they’re both illegal, but patients can legally get CBD oil

Where you run into a problem: let’s say that patient had a significant pain problem that needed an opioid. But if they had CBD or marijuana in their urine, there would be a problem trying to utilize an opioid with that patient because that’s still illegal. It’s still a Schedule 1 drug for the federal folk, which means the DEA can take a rather dim look at a doctor giving an opioid to somebody on an illegal drug.