Feb 02, 2017 | pain management

Transformative Care for Chronic Pain: Orofacial

This course presents the basic principles of etiology, diagnosis, and management of orofacial pain using transformative care. Because orofacial structures have close association with eating, communication, sight, and hearing as well as forming the basis for appearance, self-esteem, and personal expression, persistent pain in this region can deeply affect an individual and significantly interfere with quality of life and ability to function. We will review diagnosis and management of the more common orofacial pain conditions and highlight advances in education, research, and patient care from risk assessment and prevention to early successful treatment of acute pain and interdisciplinary individualized transformative care. Explored will be the evidence behind treatment strategies for personalized transformative care ranging from self-management and pharmacology to physical medicine, splints, surgery, and interdisciplinary team management. It is hoped that this review will provide the clinician with broad perspective on the evolution of this field to the current scientific approach for prevention and management that helps the patient achieve a truly transformative experience. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2016)