Aug 27, 2019 | pain policy

Focusing on the Patient, Not the Opioid

Policies and Practicalities

The current opioid epidemic has resulted in numerous professional and society guidelines focused on safe opioid prescribing. In addition, policymakers have focused on state legislation to limit the duration of opioid prescribing for acute pain. As a result of the increased scrutiny, prescribers have shifted their focus to limiting opioid prescribing for patients with chronic noncancer pain. Now, more than ever, evidence based behavioral treatment modalities are essential for fostering pain coping skills and providing support as part of optimal interdisciplinary pain management. This course will begin with a brief review of the opioid epidemic. Current opioid prescribing guidelines will be discussed with a particular emphasis on indications for opioid tapering. Strategies for the medical management of opioid tapering will be presented, along with a detailed discussion of evidence based psychotherapeutic interventions known to result in improvements in physical and emotional functioning while promoting opioid tapering. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2018)