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Rare Mesenteric Panniculitis

“An Unusual Cause”

The Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine reports findings from 2 cases of rare mesenteric panniculitis (MP)—inflammation of mesentery fat—in patients during their second week of having COVID. Although 1 of the patients had a mild case and the other severe, both experienced higher inflammatory markers and diffuse abdominal tenderness. While gastrointestinal symptoms are commonly seen in COVID patients, MP is rare. The good news: both patients received glucocorticoids and experienced complete pain resolution.

Study authors state that there’s a “possible association between COVID-19 and MP, with viral infection as a trigger for mesenteric fat inflammation.” The study concluded that, “Mesenteric panniculitis…diagnosis is usually suggested by an abdominal CT scan and ruling out other causes of abdominal pain. Early initiation of glucocorticoids in symptomatic cases results in prompt clinical response.”


Read the journal article.

Holly Caster