Kissing the Wrong Frog

Author: David Cosio

Pain management providers tend to be eclectic and flexible in their choice of modalities and attempt different treatments until they find something that suits the patient--similar to the idea that one has to "kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince." In the Frog Prince fairy tale, a prince is rude to a witch-in-disguise who was asking for water. He is turned into a frog, and will remain a frog, unless he is bestowed true love's kiss. A princess is told about the curse and in her kindness wants to help. One moral to the Frog Prince is how the power of kindness can bring about change. In reality, being authentic/genuine, having unconditional positive regard, and expressing empathy are necessary and sufficient conditions in a therapeutic relationship that are required for change to take place. Relationships are just one of 4 areas that are part of the "common factors" model, which also includes client factors, expectancy/placebo/ hope, and techniques/models. The purpose of this article is to explore the applicability of the common factors model to pain management.


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